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Partello - Valdick connection found!

It was related that Frank Valdick had been born a Partello in the family of Leonard and Betsey Partello. Proving this was difficult as Frank was born in 1861, 1 year after the last census in which this family was intact. Finally, the research of David Gustner unearthed a legal case which proved that Frank Valdick was in fact born as Frank Partello. To make this even more complex is the fact that Betsey (Emeline Betsey) remarried John C. Deal and Frank is shown in that household as a 10 year old in the 1870 MI, Ionia, Lyons census as Frank C. Deal. By the time of his marriage in 1895 he had changed his name to Valdick. For historical purposes we have left the description below to aid others researching this family line.

For Researchers

This is a genealogy report of Frank Valdick, born in June of 1861 in Michigan and his wife, Essie L. Pearl Hill, born in May of 1881 in Ohio. We know nothing of Frank's parents, or siblings (if any). It was reported by a family member that his surname was changed to Valdick sometime between Frank's birth in 1861 and his marriage to Essie in 1896. That would explain why we have been unable to locate any information on Frank prior to his marriage date of 1896 as referenced in a 1900 census.

In a 1920 census, Emma Hill, Essie's mother is shown living with them. She is listed as being 70 years old with a birthplace of NY. No further information has been located on her family or ancestors. A family member has reported that Essie was an only child.

We know from the 1900 census that Frank and Essie were living in Weldon Twp., Benzie County, MI with two children, Stachey Belle and Leonard William. (Later to go by William L.) In the 1910 census the family is living in Dover Twp., Genesee County, MI. A record of Otsego County births, compiled by Glory Bialy, shows Cecil Valdick born in Otsego County and his Social Security Death record shows a birthdate of 9 May, 1901. From this we know the family moved from Benzie County to Otsego County between the date of the 1900 census, 1 June, 1900 and Cecil's birthdate, a period of 11 months. In addition, a 1905 Plat Map of Dover Twp., shows a 20 acre section owned by "F.V.". that could possibly be Frank Valdick. Researching the land records may help us learn if, in fact, this is Frank and when he purchased the 20 acres. The 1920 census shows the family in Chester Twp., Otsego County, just South of the 20 acre section in Dover Twp. In a letter written to Kris Work (great-granddaughter of Frank and Essie), Izetta Valdick relates that they moved from the farm to a general store and Post Office in Quick, MI, where three more children were born. After 1920, the family is split up and what we have learned of them so far is shown below in the Frank Valdick Genealogy Report. Any additional information on this family would be greatly appreciated and sent to either David Gustner or Kris Work at the email addresses shown above. All new information will be updated to this website shortly after it is received. You will note that every name and date has at least one source. We attempt to locate a source document to verify each entry, but lacking that, we report which family member has provided the information.

Due to the extensive research of David Gustner this line is now ducumented, with cited and available sources, back to the fifth century A.D. More than one ancestral line of the Partello/Valdick family is being currently researched and will be listed here when complete and exhausted of data. Last update July 11, 2022.

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