The Catharine Bell Riddell Family

Researchers:Nancy Sneddon
Greg Mander
Ken Wright

Catharine Bell (Taylor) Riddell and
George Francis Riddell, November 1917.

Some of the Catharine Bell Riddell Family, Singhampton, Ontario about 1925

The individuals in this photograph have been identified by their descendants, Greg Mander (son of Madeline June Leonard Mander and the primary Riddell Family Researcher), Patti Thompson Mayes (daughter of Jean Higgin Thompson) and Ken Wright (grandson of Pearl Riddell Higgin). It is believed the photo was taken at the home of Catharine Bell Riddell about 1925.

Rear standing, left to right

  • Pearl Riddell Higgin - Daughter of Catharine Bell Riddell, born January 24, 1890, died January 7, 1983.
  • Elizabeth (Lil) Riddell Laginess - Daughter of Catharine Bell Riddell, born 1891, died 1967.
  • Catharine Bell Riddell - Wife of George Francis Riddell, born 1854, died 1927.
  • Charles Hamilton Tallman - Husband of Catherine Lorna Taylor born 1880, died 1938.
  • Catherine Lorna Taylor - Daughter of Catharine Bell Riddell and her first husband, John Taylor, born 1879, died 1981.
  • Georgina F. Riddell Leonard - Daughter of Catharine Bell Riddell, born February 7, 1884, died October 5, 1962.

Middle row, left to right

  • Jean Higgin (Wed Clifford Albert Thompson July 2, 1938) - Daughter of Pearl Riddell Higgin, born October 13, 1914, died January 3, 2000.
  • Edwin Sharples Higgin - Son of Pearl Riddell Higgin, born January 6, 1918, died April 27, 1993.
  • Eileen Tallman - Daughter of Charles and Catherine Lorna Taylor Tallman, born 1913.

Front row, child

  • Madeline June Leonard (Wed Ward Mander) - Born June 5, 1922.

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